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From Hmmm…most people I know are quite aware of these ten things, but I suppose it’s generally correct to say that the “media” does’t want us to have knowledge of their corrupt nature and declining influence.

Anniversary—Barry Goldwater

From Instapundit50 years ago today: Barry Goldwater, accepting the GOP nomination, said: “extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice” and “moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.”

And he was vilified for it by the leftists. See some great quotes in the Althouse link.

Slowing the revolving door in Washington

An idea from Professor Glenn Reynolds, which along with term limits, would go a long way with cleaning up Congress and the corrupt connection with lobbying.  The subtitle:

Whatever claims they make about the general welfare, our political class is really running things mostly for its own benefit.

It’s an old idea, but still relevant, given that nobody does anything about it.

Dawn of the Age of Oligarchy

Dawn of the Age of Oligarchy: the Alliance between Government and the 1%.

Thanks to their cozy relationship with the Obama administration, a new class of super-wealthy oligarchs keeps getting more powerful while the country’s middle class shrinks.

The article mentions “Wall Street traders, venture capitalists and tech executives,” but failed to include the entertainment industry, e.g. Hollywood.

The Obama post-presidency has already begun

From The Washington Free Beacon (Hat tip: Instapundit—”It’s sad that we haven’t lived up to his rosy expectations of 2008″). An excerpt:

According to Politico, Obama’s Italian dinner party illustrates the paradox of his second term. “Stymied at home and abroad, Obama recognizes that he is less in control of the Washington agenda than ever in his presidency,” write Budoff Brown and Epstein. “Yet his newfound realism has also given him a palpable sense of liberation.” I find nothing paradoxical about Obama’s recent pattern of behavior, nothing mysterious about the golfing, partying, traveling. It is quite obvious: Obama has given up.

He knows that his agenda is now limited to executive orders and bureaucratic regulation, and that even these measures are likely to be in the courts for years. He knows that his foreign policy agenda of engagement with the enemies of America will prove controversial and unpopular. He knows his staff has been ducking-and-covering ever since Lois Lerner announced the IRS had targeted Tea Party groups, and that they have been playing defense through Edward Snowden and Syria and and Crimea and the VA and now Bowe Bergdahl. He knows there is a chance that the Republicans will control Congress next January, and he has said, according to Politico, that this “would make his last two years in office unbearable.”

Obama, Politico says, is “giving more thought to his post-presidency than his aides like to suggest.” But there is nothing really for Obama to think about. His ambitions in this office, just like his ambitions at Harvard, in New York, in Chicago, and in the Senate, are now exhausted. America has disappointed him, and it is time to look to the next challenge worthy of Barack Obama. His post-presidency has already begun.


Homofascism should be crushed, by Andrew Klavan. A quote:

This blog is — was, shall remain — a friend to gay people. I hope it’s a friend to any person who wants to do whatever gives him joy and hurts no one else.

Many of my fellow Christians tell me that homosexuality is a sin. Maybe so, but it’s not my sin. And on the off-chance the Gospels mean what they say and I will one day stand before the throne of God and be judged on whether I loved Him and my neighbor, whether I did what I could for the hungry, thirsty, sick, weak, enchained…  well, let’s say I’ve got approximately a lifetime’s worth of other things to think about before I start worrying myself over other people’s sins.

But read the whole thing for his concluding points.

The New Regressives

A brilliant compendium by Victor Davis Hanson:

We should not use the word “progressive” or “liberal,” given that on issues like abortion, affirmative action, the environment, illegal immigration, censorship, and a host of others, the left is reactionary to the core.

In the spirit of changing words to reflect reality, I suggest that we call today’s liberals “regressives” — fundamentalists who are wedded to self-serving deductive doctrines that cannot sustain empirical scrutiny and exist mostly as fossilized theologies of the 1960s.

Read the whole thing.




From Vice, the fascinating story of “Mike Gogulski, a 41-year-old hacker, anarchist, and former US citizen. In late 2008, he walked into the US embassy in Bratislava, Slovakia, and renounced his citizenship; later he burned his passport in defiance. He is, in all likelihood, the only person alive today to have successfully made himself stateless of his own accord.”

I don’t think I’d ever do this…